Here For Now

“Muti further solidifies their reputation as a prime west coast outlet for downtempo electronics with this tight release. ‘tornado dreams’ and ‘forever you forever me’ are highlights, with their digitized focus and IDM aesthetic. thanks for sending…” – SHEN / Noah Pred (Native State/GSC)
With so many modern conveniences it is tempting for us to do as much as we can at any given moment, simply because we CAN. The price to be paid, however, is our own peace of mind. In our effort to stay efficient, we find ourselves in the middle of a time-famine where our modern conveniences and devices have made us more stressed out and overwhelmed than ever.

SeventhSwami’s debut album, Here For Now, was created with the intent to help defuse this epidemic of anxiety, overwork, and over-scheduling that is upon us by helping guide people back to the tranquility of the present moment.

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