Clipping Paths 2

“I always take this compilation a little more personally as they are all tunes that move me deeply
in some way and I spend a lot of time with the tunes trying to find a certain flow that makes
it a journey.”
~ Dov
The original Clipping Paths compilation in 2007 set a tone for many emerging sounds from Muti Music and featured ‘then’ new artists Ooah, Vibesquad, Audiovoid, Nanda, Timonkey, Slidecamp and Muti regulars like An-ten-nae and Dov, needless to say it has been quoted by many as an influence and has proven to help define new sounds that have blown up in the years that followed. 

‘Clipping Paths 2’ proves to be an epic listeners journey and it does deliver a healthy dose of pretty and just a smidgen of the hard to make the pretty stand out just a little more, the artists featured prove to be high end producers with a healthy amount of wonky attitude and understanding of some deeper musical realms.

Track 10: SeventhSwami – Letters From the Void

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